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Aglet One 'White Gum' Preorder FREE SHIPPING & DUTIES

Aglet One 'White Gum' Preorder FREE SHIPPING & DUTIES

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This is a preorder, however we are producing a number of these sneakers ahead of time - so the first orders may ship as quickly as two weeks after purchase, but some may be shipped out on our normal pre-order timeline (5 - 8 weeks). We'll notify you and send tracking information once they are shipped! NOTE: these sneakers do not come with an NFT.

We're back again with a fire pair of sneakers! This time we took the Aglet One to a new level with this 'White/Gum' iteration. This delivers the Aglet One’s clean style with an all white upper. A white midsole sits atop a perfect gum sole unit, and an Aglet sample hang tag completes the look. This version of the Aglet One is going to elevate your look, cop ‘em today.


今回もスニーカーをご紹介します!今回、私たちはAglet Oneをこの「White/Gum」イテレーションで新たなレベルに引き上げました。オールホワイトのアッパーで、Aglet Oneのクリーンなスタイルを実現しています。ホワイトのミッドソールは、完璧なガムソールユニットの上にあり、Agletサンプルのハングタグが外観を完成させています。このバージョンのAglet Oneは、あなたの外観を高めるために起こっている、今日'を購入します。

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